Latest Wallpaper

You may nowadays be just as familiar with the word wallpaper relating to the backdrop on your computer screens or mobile telephones; however wallpaper in its original form is one of the worlds leading materials in interior decoration, and has been a feature in our homes for decades.
Deriving from the Middle Ages, the idea of creating a backdrop of design or a certain colour scheme to a room has grown in popularity. The wealthier households of old would hang tapestries in their rooms to provide a focal point and create an ambience, this type of creativity later moved to the table tops in the form of tablecloths as new materials were developed for walls.

Wallpaper not only can transform any room, making the most of its qualities, but it also hides unsightly cracks or imperfections, a bit like clothing or make-up. Available in so many varieties of textures, colours and designs, each room in your home can be given its own identity and personality. New styles are emerging constantly, so keeping up with the trend is simple. Whether it’s modern chic, or a country farmhouse feel, creating your perfect haven is simple. Let your imagination run wild with a theme, for example a princess or an outer space theme in a kid’s bedroom, or a lush sultry boudoir theme in your own bedroom. Whatever mood you desire to create, there are thousands of wallpaper choices to suit.

Cast your mind back to the 1960’s when heavy floral patterns draped our walls. Large mustard coloured flowers consumed our homes, and good old wood-chip always saved the day. It was cheap, simple yet with texture, and could be painted in any colour. Wood-chip wallpaper was thick and contained wood grain, so it was fantastic for covering up not so perfect walls. It’s not hard to see why there fast became a wood-chip pandemic.

The range of wallpaper available today has vastly grown over the past decade, and many of the retro prints of earlier years are coming back in fashion. For example velvet flock damask patterns and psychedelic designs seem to be very popular in homes, shops and even bars. Wallpaper has most definitely made a comeback in a big way, and new ideas and styles seem to appearing everywhere. Just as fashion trends from previous decades re-appear, so do styles of interior design.

Whether it be vinyl or fabric, most wallpaper are easy to wipe down if marks appear. They are mainly sold in rolls and given the right tools, simple to apply. If wall surfaces are in poor condition, you may prefer to put lining paper up first giving you a much smoother surface to work with.

Many designers from across the world have brought us amazing alternatives to standard wallpaper designs. Snakeskin wallpaper and faux leather have become much sought after choices.

Make decorating your home an exciting experience, do plenty of research on interior design sites, sample different wallpapers, find inspiration and let your creative spirit work its magic.